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USA Invasion by Chuck Youngbrandt

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

1. Chicago (Midwest) Earthquake (July 2, 1973)- No clouds, buildings collapsed, explosions, fires, destruction, Earth moved over 18 inches; fault line under Chicago south to St. Louis, ground dropped 20 feet; Lake Michigan- still after the earthquake- water went up north and was gone, and it came back with a wall of water 15 stories high (hit downtown Chicago area and city was gone- 500 mile radius; the basin will tip); Milwaukee and St. Louis under water and destroyed. All cities were destroyed under water along the Great Lakes; New Orleans will be under water; Detroit it will knock people off their feet 300 miles away; American soldiers came in and shot people and let them rot (they wore filthy clothes and behavior completely changed).

2. Yom Kippur (October 7, 1973)- Fake Israel attacked by Egypt and Syria (6 day war)

3. Famine Message (July-November 1974)- Corn crop dead dry (4 feet high); no fuel to operate the pumps; economic and power failure; people waiting for food in a line

4. Stairway to the Mount of TMH- Saw people praying and lights burning; Church in the USA isn't praying, and the enemy is taking advantage of it; no lakes no rivers and most of the population was dead; Safe places- northern Florida, northern NY, central Arkansas, northern north Dakota, northern Washington state, KS, eastern CO, southern NE, western MO and western IA, northern Washington state

5. Storms, hurricanes, droughts, earthquake, volcanic eruption, economic crisis, troubles, nuclear war- After Chicago gets the earthquake, Russia invades 37 days later (east coast); Chinese in Mexico and west coast ports; Japanese and Chinese on west coast; Invasion- Slaughterbeach, Delaware- 132, 427 Russian troops (within days had more than 1 million on the ground-2-3 years); occupation was 7 years; Yashar'el join in with the soldiers; last battle in NYC and drove Russians into the sea (all gone-destroyed); Russia was attacked by China and Japan; 10 state confederations in Europe; Satan coming to power

6. January 2, 1978- The USA flag will not fly, but there will be 8 total flying- Russia, Mexico, China, Japan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Serbia, ?; everything south of Orlando, FL sinks after a nuclear attack; Trump in Hutchinson, KS; Chinese killed everyone in Los Angeles and San Diego; YAH did something and they changed their policy.

7. April 21, 1977-

1st year (2020)- Do not buy an air conditioner get used to the heat, do buy gas cans and store white gas, spring rain followed by summer heat and gas shortages; dollar will slide in July; crude oil will rise sharply and gold with value problems, temperature will rise begin on June 9th and a climb in peak temperatures in July through September with sudden and drastic temperature drops in October; no rain of any significance from mid-June on; Japan and China will become friends through economic agreements; Church will continue in rejecting His Word; angel of death waits for the rebellious and disobedient (90% will die and only 10% survive); many will lose jobs; serious economic crumbling; disease will start in CA and move east; governments will fail suddenly within the city and state, GA will experience a plague that will kill thousands, panic and fear will grip the nation, food riots will break out in August and in many cities, food starvation will begin (hoarding magnifies the problem); power outages by heat; fuel shortages, riots aiming to overthrow the government by extremist groups; local police will fail to deal with violence; national guard and troops will be called out, including tanks

2nd year (2021)- January- Northern Iowa (Sioux Falls felt the 3.1 eq from Tyndall, SD on January 4, 2021) struck by a major tremor; 30 days later an earthquake will strike Boston (Sparta, NC had a 2 6 eq February 4, 2021; it was felt in OK, CO, etc.) that will go across the land; prophets will be set out in late spring (May); little winter snow; intense cold and little heat in most homes; rationing electric power to hospitals, institutions and entertainment centers; food and economy near collapse; crude oil cutoff by most oil producers; Japan becomes China's ally; -40 - -46 degrees will be the intense cold; people will freeze to death; suicide will become common; disease will flourish and kill tens of thousands; city services will breakdown and fail in mid-winter; fires will remain unchecked; over 50% will be unemployed; dollar will be worthless; Canada will be in sad shape, but not as bad as the USA; Mexico and Canada will seal their borders; winter will end abruptly in April with warm days and sunshine; rivers and lakes will dry up; temps will rise to over 120 degrees by mid-May; waves of tremors; famine will continue; government will establish a food program; no rain and intense heat and people will be in fear; only the believers will do okay and do amazing things for the Kingdom; many will be saved while many will curse; year of fear, pain and misery for those whom reject Mashiach; sin will grow to its steepest; persecution will reach a high with government approval; YAH's fury unleashed in a terrible way; Midwest of the USA is devastated by an earthquake and Japan; 30 days later YAH sends angels to tell his children to flee the cities; 7 days later China and Russia do a full blown nuclear attack; 2 months later they invade; major cities destroyed; east coast believers will feel liberated when the other occupying armies come; Russia will annex and kill off Alaska and will have full population dead; Hawaii will surrender to Japan; USA will surrender and will keep fighting for the next 7 years; children will be sold for food (cannibalism); towns and cities cooperated with foreign armies; people were worshipping Karl Marx at the churches as if he were the Mashiach; around these towns and cities, there were witches, warlocks, homosexuals that hunted believers for food, and on the outlying areas they were fending off the armies.

3rd year (2022)- At the end of it, they will set up re-education camps; people were taken on passenger trains to cattle cars to factories, stripped naked and hung by their heels and murdered for food

8. The Pope and the President (1981)- Kill Regan and blame it on a country in the Middle East, and a lot of Americans would die as a result of it

9. Tiny Star 1982, 1986, 1991- It would hit us or be destroyed; decided through prayer; go across Corpus Christi destroy 300 miles and end up in Calgary Alberta, Canada (water burned instantly and destroyed the mountain); asteroid came by in 1991

10. September 9, 1983 Accidental Nuclear Attack on December 14- Russia sets off 12 nuclear missiles and only 4 succeed, one hit in Lexington, KY, north of NYC will be damaged but not destroyed, Richmond, VA and Columbia, SC; we hit 3 Russian cities with nukes; prior to this happening a huge hurricane in September; as big as hurricane Floyd (category 4) maybe bigger; this will happen 2 years before the World War begins; major earthquake in St. Louis on September 19th of some year with a 6.5-7.4 on the richter scale, Big earthquake will occur on July 5th

11. October 14, 1983- All USA troops are destroyed in the Persian Gulf; Russia invades Iran; North Korea invading South Korea; Japan shaking; Taiwan attacked by China; Philippines becomes blood red; 3 volcanoes exploding on the west coast (Long Valley Caldera, Lassen Volcano Center or Medicine Lake Volcano, maybe Mt. St. Helens in Washington St.)

12. Pattern to pay attention to- weather (hurricane), earthquake and a war would follow; judgements will intensify and get worse beginning August 2000

13. A 2,000-mile fault going from Washington state to Northern Florida

Please heed this warning and prepare. Shalum.

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