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Supply Chain Takeover

ABC News - Biden signs executive order aimed at securing critical US supply chains.

Hi there..

I have been telling people that the real takeover attempt is coming through the Globalist/NWO crowd seizing control of the supply chains. This is the actual takeover attempt.

Remember the quote by Sun Tzu in his book the Art of War..."All Warfare is based on deception."

Don't worry about politics, vaccines, etc, all of those stories are part of the distractions/deception to keep our attention off of the real takeover attempt which is coming through the Globalist/NWO takeover of the commodities and supply chain.

The Big Picture in one sentence:

The Great Reset is the attempt by the Globalists/NWO crowd to enslave the world's population by taking total control of the world's resources (commodities) and the distribution of the resources to the population through the supply chains. That is all you need to know in order to understand the purpose of Agenda 2030, etc.

This is a breakdown of the takeover attempt for both commodities and the supply chains.

Commodities: The commodities are land based. If you own the land, then you own and control the commodities on the land. This is why Bill Gates and other Globalists are buying up as much farmland as possible.

Supply Chains: I will list the components of the supply chains and then the control measure that have been put in place that will allow the Globalists to take control of the supply chains.

Supply Chain Component:

1. People/Manpower - Control Measures: Through social distancing, limits are being placed on how many people can work in the fields or in manufacturing plants. This drastically reduces manufacturing output. Through international travel restrictions, countries are not allowing migrant field workers to cross borders to harvest crops.

2. Manufacturing - Control Measures: The large globalist manufacturing companies like Tyson Foods, Con Agra, Boeing, Ford, etc. are allowed to stay open whole smaller family owned manufacturing companies are shut down as non-essential.

3. Banking/Credit System - This has two parts.

For manufacturing and distribution: The credit system is the fuel that keeps the just in time delivery system running 24/7. Depending on the company and the products, the payment system is set up for payment on receipt of goods, weekly or monthly. If the banking/credit system crashes, the supply chains will come to a halt.

Retail sales: Cash is being phased out and digital currency is being ushered in. A digital only retail shopping system will allow the government to monitor and track every purchase. Rationing or unacceptable social behavior will result in your digital currency being turned off.

4. Logistics/Distribution: Control Measure include travel bans either international or interstate. Logistics/Distribution is also reliant on a stable fuel supply for trucking/rail/shipping.

5. The Internet: All of the business end of the supply chains is conducted ovee the internet, including sales orders, scheduling billing, etc.

Control Measures: Retailers are implementing "Social Commerce". Social Commerce is online shopping through a social media platform like Facebook.

Your social credit score is currently being tracked through social media. You will have to shop online through a social media site that has your social media score. If your score is too low, you will be limited to what you can purchase or not be allowed to shop at all. This is in the works right now. Last fall, Walmart purchased TikTok for this purpose.

6. Retail Shopping/Restaurant Dining: Retail shopping and restaurant dining is the interface where the public physically connects with the supply chains.

Retailers/restaurants are transitioning to "Contact Free Shopping" by shopping online with curbside pickup or home delivery. When people are physically separated from in-store retail shopping, they become reliant on the retailer to fill their order. "Out of Stock" will start to appear on many items and you wil have to be satisfied with what you receive with your order. It is a lot easier to implement limits and rationing in this type of system.

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