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Songbird Juice Company Review

Updated: May 9, 2021

This business is meant for the rich that have no morals, which is why it's so expensive. It's all about the money, and every ounce of it is corrupt. In fact, the owner went bankrupt at her first location in 2019, yet still opened up at her new location during that time. Martha Anna Spence is renting a house that she can't afford. She has no money or business management skills whatsoever. Poor customer service, and the food is second rate. Anybody can make what she does from home to save both time and money in the long run.

Let me expand further on how this organization is fake and all based on lies. A person named Angela Camille posted the following on Google.

My first review! I love the location, friendly atmosphere, and promoting wellness! I'm a repeat customer - juices, cleanses, bowls, kombucha, and other misc products. As a young business professional the only negative thing I have to say about this place is that there is a particular employee (her name starts with a K) that I have observed her to hardly greet me which isn't a big deal but she CONTINUOUSLY gets my ACIA bowl orders wrong (from not adding in the extras that I'm paying for -bee pollen twice- down to the kind of bowl I ordered). I never said anything ( because mistakes happen) but time after time I still haven't spoken on it and I don't know why. I'm usually not passive either especially when I'm spending damn near $11 on a bowl including a tip. Unfortunately this isn't an understatement when I say that this has happened every single time that she has taken my order that I'm honestly starting to take it personally. I have even asked other employees when this individual is scheduled just to avoid her completely. FOR EXAMPLE today!!! I walked in with a friend. No one was there surprisingly. NO greeting whatsoever. I ordered my typical Sunflower ACIA bowl and ended up with a Hip Shaker bowl instead. I'm confused because every employee that I've encountered knows how to welcome me, listens, and completes my orders that I'm exceptionally satisfied with except this individual. She appears genuine but if you can't listen to a simple order with add ons or not and get it incorrect every single time. IT's a TURN OFF for me. I mean a HUGE TURN OFF. I'm to the point that I just don't even want to go back because it would get UGLY for our next encounter with her. So in other words I will no longer be a customer. If Charity was there I would work around it as I did before but its not worth my time or energy. Thanks for hearing me out.

Remember that anything posted outside of Facebook is at least 75-95% accurate because of the lack of fake reviews that the owner encouraged people to post in order to build up her narcissistic ego in order to keep abusing customers and staff. No one really likes her nor her business. Think about it. Would you like to be abused by a narcissist that believes their own lies? Would you want to be one of her flying monkeys to spread propaganda because of believing everything the narcissist taught you? This ia abuse. In addition, she never went to culinary school nor has a food service background that makes her qualified. Her grandparents abused her, and to this day Martha doesn't know who her real Father is. She needs mental health counseling, yet she is not getting it. Just like at her immature Facebook videos as examples. Oh, I am not done yet. Please see another review below from another Google user named Chris Bloomfield.

We were super thirsty and wanted something healthy, so we stopped in. This place definitely has a good vibe and I love the natural ingredients. It would have gotten 5 stars, but the prices are really high. Our family of five each ordered 1 item each and the bill was more than $50! Three lemonades and two bowls for more than the cost of a meal else where. My sons lemonade was $7.50 for a bottle. Lemons don’t cost that much! Too bad because this place has the makings of a super great juice bar.

Edit: Marty, Thanks for getting back to me. I understand that a lot goes into your lemonade, but you as the business owner should look into ways of reducing your expenses so that your wonderful product can be more affordable for the general public. For instance, today our family of five ate at a local restaurant where everything was farm to table, local sourced and organic. There was a large kitchen staff operating and multiple servers. Our family of five had drinks and large meals for less than getting 5 drinks at your establishment. I get that your product is superior to, say Sonics ($7 for all of us to get Limeaids), but your prices are really steep. I am well traveled because I am a travel writer and the prices in your place are more expensive than any other juice bar I have visited. Having been in 47 states the last three years, I know about high prices. It is cheaper in New York City to get a quality organic smoothie. My point in reviewing places is to give feed back to other people traveling and to business owners to help them improve their establishments. Your place has great potential and I hope you can do well. If you can find a way to keep your products great, while bringing the price down to something average people can afford, you will have the best juice company in the world. Otherwise I cannot in good conscience recommend your establishment to other travelers.

Even Courtez Orange on Google said, "Customer service was pretty poor."

Let me elaborate further on Yelp from Victoria H., "Yesterday my mom and I went to songbird and initial thoughts were this place is cute. But upon more looking it was quite filthy and when the worker talked about killing the large spider by the sink which was right about where my drink was made it's not something you want to hear. She then proceeded to say she wished it was the cute snail ...instead of a spider, again something you don't want to hear. Now for the acai bowls we got the hip shaker which was so soupy it was more a smoothie, it was mediocre at best. We also got the key lime bowl which really just tasted like lime rind. For 8.50 each I expected more for sure waste of money!" Here is another reviewer named Addy P. on Yelp that said, "If you're looking for a tasty and filling smoothie bowl, keep looking. I am in town visiting and Wichita as a whole doesn't have much to offer to someone who is vegan. I went here, craving a good smoothie bowl. The reviews were mixed and i should have trusted my gut. It took at least 5 minutes for someone to ask me what i would like. I was unsure of what to order as it was my first time visiting. I ordered the Aloha as a smoothie bowl. I waited about 10 minutes for the bowl to be finished (not busy at this point, i was the only one ordering). As i sat to enjoy my bowl i took one bite and thought "okay, keep digging it will get better" my second scoop in to my surprise i found a HAIR in my smoothie bowl. I had paid $10 for this, and was already on my way out so i picked it out and continued eating. The pineapple that topped it tasted canned and overall it was pretty soupy and flavorless. I do not recommend this place to anyone looking for a good smoothie."

Now think about the logic of this location. All positive reviews are at least 25% genuine while the others are not because Martha coerced them into posting the review in order to give them a discount, etc. She has three or four people crammed in a small room that does not meet health food safety standards along with the front desk looking like a mess while the eating area looks nice. Does this sound appealing to you? The only reason people go here is because of being a narcissist themselves and fake as can be.

Did you know that negative reviews actually destroy a business? Well, it happened to Martha back in 2019, and it is happening again. Did she learn anything from it? No, instead she opened up at another place hoping she would succeed. She has no common sense on how to market her business effectively, and her boyfriend that is not her husband is paying for it. I guarantee you she will have more legal trouble ahead because she is living above her means with a rental house even though she currently owns her own house on Hillside. One should question why she did this around the time of the fake first wave of Covid-19. Is she even living at her own house that she owns? What is she thinking? Her logic is illogical. Did you know she even put her mother in a nursing home when she didn’t need to go there? It is true. I bet her medical bills are through the roof on top of taking care of her two children that are equally as brainwashed and abused as her. So sad. Now add to it her first location went bankrupt, so where did the money come from to open a second location? Her boyfriend, Angelo. Imagine that. She has so much debt it is not even funny. Plus she cannot afford to pay her employees nor herself effectively while maintaining a food business she is incompetent in even managing. Like I said, she will face legal issues soon because of spending more than saving. This will include the rental house, new business location, boyfriend, etc.

Don’t recommend.

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