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I Saw the Tribulation by Ken Peters

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

1. Ear piercing sound that lasted a long time- trumpet sound/ram's horn

2. Resurrection of the Dead in Mashiach- Worldwide; a violent way of coming out of the grave (earthquake?)

3. Mass Hysteria Hit the Earth- People were in despair and hopeless; pandemonium; lawlessness and fear was everywhere

4. Media Devices and Electricity Shut Down for about Two weeks

5. Electricity was back up after two weeks- Television broadcasts placed everywhere where the general populace met depicting a soon to come new government- Antichrist/Satan comes on the scene with such eloquence and charisma- immediately used large screen televisions- constantly spoke of world order and all men dwelling together in peace and the need to give up current citizenship for world citizenship- "New order," World order," "New Times"- never new world order.

6. Staggering Rates People were buying into it- No resistance

7. Bride of Mashiach Evangelizes to the World- took care of abandoned babies under the age of two; things worked out for them through the Holy Spirit; a short time this occurred; beams of light with mass revival hitting the earth through the power of prayer; so called Christians coming to old man and telling him how their hearts had become cold. Lasted 3-6 months, and regions were totally won for YAH during martial law.

8. Global Major Earthquake- Millions were killed; some regions were so destroyed that they did not bother rebuilding; massive change in weather patterns (predicting weather was impossible); drought and famine increased immediately

9. Police State/Peaceful Martial Law- Hum Vs exactly how Ken Peters describes it- Police/UN; Blue Helmet and Blue Ball Caps; parked on every street corner and knew your whereabouts; could not cross state lines without papers

10. Worldwide Persecution and Mark of the Beast- FEMA Camps/State Prisons for Remnant- 15-25 miles off any main highway (rest stops); snatch them in the middle of the night to put to death; interrogation at the camps before getting martyred- two rooms- get in a line while getting tempted to renounce faith; inside a big room with you locked in it before it is your turn to die for your faith with the guillotines and Shriners swords

Please heed this warning because it will come to pass by or in 2022. Shalum.

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