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David Kobrosky from Rockport, MA is a Fraud

This is from David Kobrosky's Facebook profile. Looking at it do you see anything unusual? I know I do if you dig deeper. 1. He gets business advice from Contrary, which means he does not have a business degree at all. 2. He claims to be the Former Head of Technical Consulting at Blockchain at Michigan. This is another lie as it is only a volunteer organization for students to learn skills for their future careers. 3. He still owns and operates Skate 4 Africa and is still getting funding for it even though he is claiming that he is

the former founder. As you can tell another lie while taking advantage of people for a profit. Also, on his LinkedIn Profile, he lies and says that he is selected as a global teen leader. 4. He still owns and operates Easy Board Co and is also taking

advantage of others by lying on his Facebook profile. 5. He is not the founder of High Serve because this company does not exist just by doing a simple Google search. 6. He is also not a part of Hyperloop as described with his online resume' from the link I posted earlier, but here is some additional proof for you.

Now let us discuss his education, which is also something he lacks. Do you see anything that does not fit? 1. He does not specify the length and if a degree was obtained. 2. Compare this to his Wordpress resume', he says that he has a BBA and a B.S. Computer Science as of 2021. Last I knew, he was only a Sophmore in College and never finished what he started, which means he does not have a degree at all 3. How does a person attend a business school for one year and not obtain a degree? This is demonstrated by going all four years; however, on LinkedIn, he claims he obtained his BBA during that time. Does not this contradict what he said earlier on his WordPress resume'?

Are you seeing a pattern of behavior with this snake? He says one thing on one resume' and then changes it on another to look good. Through this process, he continues to take advantage of people every step of the way. For example, look at how fake and arrogant his behavior is on Twitter He is an amateur on his websites because it is obvious, he has not finished his education. After all, how does he pay his employees? He does it through stolen money from our people in Africa. Is this ethically and morally right? No! I urge you to please not talk to or associate yourself with this person for he is toxic. He will literally love bomb, devalue and discard you if you disagree with anything he tells you. In addition, he will also play superhero or victim when confronted. This is nothing new with anyone as selfish as David is because he will never have long-term friends and a long-lasting career because of his behavior. For instance, last year, he decided to take a two-month vacation travelling all over the USA that he claims he worked 60 hours a week. Lie! He was not working as much as he said but was hanging out with friends in the states he chose to visit. I would not be surprised if his parents funded it since he still lives at home. Narcissists like to do the bare minimum for work and are very lazy. I encourage you to research it for yourself to understand their personality disorder. These people are wolves in sheep's clothing, which are very evil and selfish. They will suck the life out of you through exploitation, etc. Now that you know, I hope you will do the right thing. Shalum.

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